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Funerals & Memorials

funeralIf your interest is in the Historic Graves and Memorials in our churchyard, or in our Burial Registers, please click here.


A death is always a difficult event but Christians believe we have good news of life continuing with God beyond the grave. We'll be very happy to help you make arrangements for a funeral and to help you understand the Christian perspective on eternal life. We also sponsor a number of events and activities to help cope with bereavement.

Please contact the Church Office.

An important note regarding the Churchyard, Memorials and Interments

St Michael’s is one of many lovely churchyards in the Diocese of Gloucester, known for their peace and tranquility. In order to preserve their tidyness and beauty, there are many rules about what can and cannot be placed in churchyards. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, please contact the Church Office and read our Churchyard Brochure before any action such as placing an order with a Stonemason or Funeral Director. You may also wish to check the Gloucester Diocese Regulations for Churchyards. The full text of the Brochure is below, or click here for a copy of the Churchyard Brochure. If, after reading it, you wish to apply for a burial in an existing grave or for burial of ashes, click here for Burial Forms

(Or click here for a combined pack with the Brochure and the Burial Forms.)

St Michael's Churchyard Brochure (February 2014)

We understand this is a difficult time for you. We seek to make our churchyard a place of peace and contemplation for you to remember your loved one. For this reason, and because St Michael's is a Grade 1 Listed Building, we have to follow certain rules about what can and cannot be done in the churchyard. These rules change from time to time, but here are the current rules and answers some of the questions you may have.

THe churchyard is 'closed'

The churchyard is now closed to new graves but burials can take place in existing graves if there is enough space. Ashes may be added to existing graves. Cremated remains can be interred in the Garden of Remembrance (at the West end of the church) as loose ashes beneath the lawn. Permission for any of these may be obtained by completing and returning the Burial Form.


Grasscutting in the churchyard is undertaken by contractors on behalf of the Parochial Church Council. Paths, boundaries, flower borders and the Garden of Remembrance are cared for by a team of volunteers. All land in the churchyard remains the property of and is under the control of the church.

Your help

You can do your bit to help us keep the churchyard looking lovely for everyone by following some simple rules set out by the Diocese.


  • Graves should be flat and no kerb and no chippings are allowed.
  • Flowers and small plants should be next to the headstone. Flowers should be removed when they die. No shrubs or trees are allowed.
  • Artificial flowers and other non-floral tributes are not allowed. Holly wreaths must be removed by 6th January. Poppies are permitted on military graves.

Memorials on graves

  • All new memorials or additions to existing memorials need the written permission of the Rector.
  • Wording for any inscription must be approved by the Rector. Photographs cannot be included.
  • Memorials can be made of wood or stone. Marble and other polished stone is not allowed by the Diocese.
  • Memorials shall not exceed 4ft in height, 3ft in width, 6ins in thickness.
  • There must be no kerb round the grave and no stone chippings.

Memorials in the Garden of Remembrance

  • There can be no new memorials of any kind in the Garden of Remembrance as from 1st September 2013.

The Book of Remembrance

  • You may request an entry to be made in the Book of Remembrance in the church, for an appropriate fee.


  • Most fees are set nationally by the Church of England and full current details are available from the church office.


If you have any questions about anything in this leaflet, please contact the Church Office or speak to the Rector.

Disputes resulting from misunderstandings or lack of information are upsetting to all and can be avoided by just one telephone call. Please ask if in doubt.

Full details of what is allowed by the diocese are available at the church office or via the Diocese website. Please note that sometimes there will be examples in the churchyard of a type of memorial which is no longer permitted. This is not a reason for granting permission for further examples.

To request burial, or interment of ashes, please complete and return the Burial Form. Your funeral director should have full details of the regulations and can make applications for you. Your stonemason will advise you about memorials and will make an application for you. Diocesan Regulations can be found at Gloucester Diocese Regulations for Churchyards.


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