St Michael & All Angels, Bishops Cleeve - with Oxenton, Woolstone, Gotherington, Woodmancote, Cleeve Hill & Southam

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Our Services

On Sunday mornings we usually have three services:

8:00 A simple 'Said' Holy Communion
9:30 A 'Sung' Holy Communion variously described as 'Classic' or 'Traditional', though certainly not stuffy
11:15 A 'Contemporary' informal service, following the pattern below:

1st Sunday: All-age worship
2nd Sunday: Morning Prayer
3rd Sunday: Morning Prayer
4th Sunday: Holy Communion
5th Sunday: Varied

Apart from on the 1st Sunday of the month, activities for children usually run at the 11:15 service.

On the first Sunday of the month we usually have Evensong at 18:30, though this sometimes moves by a week or two for special events like Easter, All Souls or Advent.

During the week we usually have the following services, though they may be moved or cancelled for special reasons:

Thursday: 10.45am Holy Communion

You can find details of all our Services at our Main Church Calendar.


Traditional Worship

Greg2x_tnOur Traditional Worship may be Holy Communion or Morning Prayer, but most people would recognise it as a "standard" service with the usual elements - confession, creed, Bible readings, prayers, teaching, music, and listening to God - united in a recognisable liturgy. We draw strength from this because it's a familiar pattern, and because it unites us with countless Christians throughout history and across the world.

We usually take the liturgical elements from Common Worship, so although the service is traditional it's not necessarily historic: though from time to time we do use the 1662 Book of Common Prayer.

Apart from using liturgy the style of the service may be anything from quiet and reflective (typically in Lent) to celebratory and festive (after Easter). Musically our organ and choir play a part, and we have a high concentration of traditional hymns - though other elements may also be present.

Он не сомневался, что его тело больше не усваивает съеденного и выпитого вино холодным озером лежало в желудке.

И водитель, и пассажирка приближались к лобовому стеклу "скачать песню стоцкой анастасии" в тот самый момент, когда в стекло ударился профиль мотоциклиста.

На поясе у него болтались два котелка.

Тебе попросту не терпится получить что-нибудь на дармовщинку!

ряда вдоль поднимающейся балюстрады, глядя вниз на полицейские машины и кареты скорой помощи на перекрестке с "Кухни Средней Азии" Западным проспектом.

Я оглянулся и увидел, что все мои товарищи упали мертвые или умирающие.


All-Age Worship

cribservice1All-age worship starts from the perspective that although it's good for the younger end of church to have their own activities sometimes, it's also good for us all to be reminded that "the church" is not simply "the adults": the Bible makes it clear that children are as much part of the church as the grown-ups. So it's good for us to meet together sometimes as a church family, and it also lets individual families worship together. (It also has the benefit of giving our hard-pressed children's leaders a week off, which they richly deserve - which may be a point overlooked by those who feel uneasy at having children in the main service.) 

All-Age worship, at its best, is not a "children's service" but is a service of worship where everyone, of all ages and all states in life, can feel it touches them. Even if the service doesn't quite engage with everyone directly on every occasion, we hope that over a period of time it will directly engage with grannies, grandads, teenagers, single people, married couples - and everyone else too. And we hope that everyone there will catch the vision that it's good for us sometimes to be all together, and good that we exercise grace in giving up our own preferences a bit in order to accomodate everyone. After all, we do it in our own families...don't we?

"Apart from anything else, it's just jolly good fun, particularly if you're doing the talk" (Colin, 52)

"Of all the sermons I've heard, or given, it's the family service talks I mainly remember" (another one from Colin, now 55)

Позади него снова возник и затих цокот копыт.

Света мало, но те, кто пребывает здесь, слепы, так что это не имеет для них значения.

Алиса тряхнула головой, расправила плечи, немного поерзала на стуле и каким-то непостижимым образом "игры с веб камерой бокс" превратилась в юношу.

Да и психологических, собственно говоря, мало, подумалось Мейтланду.

Он согласен с тем, что там феодальное общество, и что некоторые из тамошних лордов действительно могут считать, что будто в своих владениях имеют непосредственную власть надо "скачать mp3 музыку,без регистрации" всем.

И в результате терялся в догадках, откуда взялись те сумасшедшие желания, что овладевали его разумом.


Morning Worship

contemporaryworship1Morning Worship is a service with all the usual elements - confession, creed, Bible, prayers, talk, music, and listening to God - but with a less formal feel than a Traditional Service. 

The music is mainly led from the front by a band including vocals, guitars, flute, violin, djembe (bongo) and keyboards. We like to play great music that helps to lead people into the presence of God, and as such we try and play a mix of hymns and songs with a balance of excited praise and reflective worship. Although worship is to do with the way we live all of our lives, we believe that when we gather together on Sundays or midweek we can particularly enjoy God together as His Spirit works in our hearts.

On the 4th Sunday of each month our service usually includes Holy Communion.



EvensongEvensong is a lovely service, usually on the first Sunday of the month at 18:30 - though this sometimes moves by a week or two for special events like Easter, All Souls or Advent.

More to come...

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Sunday 30 April

8.00 Holy Communion (said)
9.30 Holy Communion (with Choir)
11.15  Morning Worship (with Music Group)

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