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We haven't really got this up and running yet...but we do have a link with Bishop Mathayo Kasagara in Lake Rukwa, Tanzaniya. We're keeping in touch with him as his work progresses, and we post any updates here as they arrive.

Christmas 2011

We have received Christmas Greetings from Bishop Mathayo Kasagara, Bishop of Lake Ruka Diocese in Tanzania.

Bishop Mattayo visited us back in September 2011 and we are delighted to stay in touch with him.

If you would like to send him personal greetings, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Dear Revd Malc, Greetings from the Diocese of Lake Rukwa.

I hope you, your family and the whole congregation of Bishop's Cleeve are all doing fine and also looking to have a great day of Christmas. I thank God that we are doing fine here in our diocese. So as part of your family we wish to send you our greetings this Christmas season:


Mathayo, Editha
Joshua, Caleb, Barnaba, Happiness & Naomi

We praise the Lord for sending our Lord Jesus Christ as a baby so that He could become our Saviour!

I still remember and value your support

God bless you all



Bishop Mathayo with the St Michael's Rock Solid Group



Bishop Matthayo's full Christmas Letter is below, or you can read it here


Message from Bishop Mathayo Kasagara, Diocese of Lake Rukwa: Christmas, 2011

Does Christmas make any difference to life in Lake Rukwa Diocese? We emphasise the gathering together of the Christians and enjoy long services with plenty of hymns, carols and offerings. So our services are well attended. Some people can afford a new outfit, but not many.

Of course the event of Christmas, the Son of God relinquishing heaven and “making himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant”, (as the NIV Bible puts Philippians 2:7), makes all the difference in the world, when coupled with the equally amazing and even more important events of the first Easter. Without these two great events where would we be?

lakerukwa1This photo shows how the Mpanda church looked during the evangelistic rally in September. The people are celebrating on what it is hoped one day will be the floor of the new church and this, of course is our “Cathedral Church”! To the right is the pastor’s house, standing inside the foundations of the new church. To the left is a temporary canvas awning adjoining what remains of the old church, also inside the new foundations.

Will there ever be money enough to demolish the old and build the new? Who can possibly tell? Currently many are rapidly losing hope on this project. As I said in a brochure I sent earlier: “The Church is not strong and our parishes struggle. Even though there are other denominations, the Gospel has made little impact and many people, even those with tenuous link with a church, are controlled by superstition, witchcraft and local medicine. They are fearful of curses, evil spirits and genies, and trust in charms and amulets.” It’s always there, just below the surface. Recently we heard of an albino baby born locally. Immediately the father saw this as a money-making opportunity and has disappeared to find the witch doctor who will pay the highest price for the baby’s body parts! Mother and baby are now in hiding. Many albino people have been mutilated and/or killed for their body parts which some people believe have magical properties. But Church planting continues in the Diocese.

lakerukwa2A few weeks ago this church, many miles from Mpanda, was partly demolished in a violent wind. The walls are up again and they say, they’ll “be in by Christmas.”

At the time I send this newsletter, I will not be in Mpanda. I’ll be driving, in our Landrover Defender, to Dar Es Salaam for important Church Meetings with the bishops. Editha is at home and soon our two children, learning in Morogoro, Barnaba and Happiness, will be home for Christmas and will be a great help to us, looking after the cows and poultry.

With our best wishes for the New Year.

May God bless you as you share in our service for our Saviour.

Mathayo & Editha and the children, Joshua, Caleb, Barnaba, Happiness and Naomi.


Easter 2012

Bishop Mathayo Kasagara in the Diocese of Lake Rukwa in Tanzania now has a house and a car! Here are a Prayer Letter and news of Upcoming Conferences: also Vacancies in Youth Ministry, Vehicle Maintenance, Development, and Finance & Admin.

Bishop Mattayo visited us back in September 2011 and we are delighted to stay in touch with him.

If you would like to send him personal greetings, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Dear Revd Malc
Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I hope your family and you are all doing fine. I still remember your Congregation and I hope they are doing fine too.
I thank God that since I came back here in our diocese God is working tremendously in a way that we can not even explain. We have got a used car which is a Land Rover Defender: I bought it after I arrived back the the UK in 2011. Also we managed to get a Bishop's house - I have been living in it since December 2011 even though we have not finished it  yet - but we decided to move in in order to reduce the cost of renting a house.
The church here is growing in number and also spirituality. In the place we now call our Cathedral, when I came here the attendance was about 50 - 70 but now we are approaching 200 - 250 every Sunday.
I remember your thought and prayer that you had been looking where God might show you to partner with. My Diocese has decided to ask from different friends and organisation if we can get people who feel that God is calling them to come and work with us - whether for a short time or a long time. I have attached our Job Descriptions for 4 different Posts in our diocese. Please pray for this and share with your Church members and see how God can intervene through this.
I am very convinced that this is a starting point to make our Partnership. Please send people to us or talk to those who you think might come and assist us. Perhaps your Church can also support those who feel led to come but don't have support to come.
Be blessed,
Mathayo & Editha and the children, Joshua, Caleb, Barnaba, Happiness and Naomi.



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